I will believe, Christian movie about true stories

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Creeré, película cristiana sobre historias reales

«I will believe» is a Puerto Rican Christian film that will premiere on Thursday, August 26, 2021, at Caribbean Cinemas theaters in Puerto Rico. It is about stories of people whose lives were transformed through inexplicable events that could only happen thanks to the power of God.

It is starred by Nelson Luquis, Jaime Colón, Christy Muller, Coralis Mena, Phanie Gómez, Gaby Alicea, Viviana Rodríguez, Reinaldo Cintrón, Danny Albelo and Rewel Viera.

According to Julio Román López, one of the film’s scriptwriters: «Creeré shows five real stories where the power of God has manifested itself today.»

He went on to say: “They are stories that are told from an honest and real point of view. We are not featuring spiritual superheroes. They are normal people whose daily lives were touched and transformed by the supernatural power of God.»

Testimony is key in «I will believe.» This film is Julio Román’s third production as a director, and also his eighth project as a writer.

The official song of the film «I will believe» is the song of the same name performed by ZYX WORSHIP, written by Maité Rivera, Bryan Rivera and Jonathan Barajas and arranged by Jonathan Barajas, Bryan Rivera and Barty Rivera.